Enneagram definition with human 972 classification

What is an Enneagram? Enneagram is a kind of human screening tool similar to astrology.

What is Eennagram?

Enneagram is a map of the human mind that mankind has long agonized over.1

Ennagram is a kind of human screening tool similar to Astrology. Just the main character or astrology has a prophetic element, but there is no skill in making predictions for the future in the Enneagram.

Enneagram is an area where one’s personality type is understood. If traditional psychology studies what environment, stimuli, character is formed and changed, the Enneagram focuses on what characteristics are acquired.

In the Enneagram, the theory centers on the theory that the human mind is divided into nine interconnected personality types. The relationship between types is expressed in geometric shapes.

enneagram figures from wiki
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Number of cases of human classification

So far, 972 cases of human classifications are found in the Enneagram.

The Three Elements Taxonomy is a standard used to classify humans into three personality types. The three different types of elements are called the nine basic types of Enneagram.

Nine basic types can be divided into 18 wing types again. Six subtypes are multiplied by 18 wing types, and human characteristics are divided into 108 different types.

Finally, if 108 classifications are multiplied by nine concepts of development level, the final 972 cases exist in theory.

  • 927 = 9 types x 2 wings x 6 subtypes x 9 lvl dev

The table below shows a schematic picture of it. Part I, Enneagram, the existing theory does not deviate from most of the following table.

The goal of the Enneagram existing theoretical part is to understand the basic human classification table below.

Enneagram 972 human types
3 triads 9 types 18 wings 6 subtypes x 9 lvl
Feeling type 2 2w1 2w1 sx/sp type 2 lvl
2w1 sx/so
2w1 sp/sx
2w1 sp/so
2w1 so/sx
2w1 so/sp
2w3 2w3 sx/sp
2w3 sx/so
2w3 sp/sx
2w3 sp/so
2w3 so/sx
2w3 so/sp
type 3 3w2 3w2 sx/sp type 3 lvl
3w2 sx/so
3w2 sp/sx
3w2 sp/so
3w2 so/sx
3w2 so/sp
3w4 3w4 sx/sp
3w4 sx/so
3w4 sp/sx
3w4 sp/so
3w4 so/sx
3w4 so/sp
type 4 4w3 4w3 sx/sp type 4 lvl
4w3 sx/so
4w3 sp/sx
4w3 sp/so
4w3 so/sx
4w3 so/sp
4w5 4w5 sx/sp
4w5 sx/so
4w5 sp/sx
4w5 sp/so
4w5 so/sx
4w5 so/sp
Thinking type 5 5w4 5w4 sx/sp type 5 lvl
5w4 sx/so
5w4 sp/sx
5w4 sp/so
5w4 so/sx
5w4 so/sp
5w6 5w6 sx/sp
5w6 sx/so
5w6 sp/sx
5w6 sp/so
5w6 so/sx
5w6 so/sp
type 6 6w5 6w5 sx/sp type 6 lvl
6w5 sx/so
6w5 sp/sx
6w5 sp/so
6w5 so/sx
6w5 so/sp
6w7 6w7 sx/sp
6w7 sx/so
6w7 sp/sx
6w7 sp/so
6w7 so/sx
6w7 so/sp
type 7 7w6 7w6 sx/sp type7 lvl
7w6  sx/so
7w6  sp/sx
7w6  sp/so
7w6  so/sx
7w6 so/sp
7w8 7w8 sx/sp
7w8 sx/so
7w8 sp/sx
7w8 sp/so
7w8 so/sx
7w8 so/sp
Instinctive type 8 8w7 8w7 sx/sp type 8 lvl
8w7 sx/so
8w7 sp/sx
8w7 sp/so
8w7 so/sx
8w7 so/sp
8w9 8w9 sx/sp
8w9 sx/so
8w9 sp/sx
8w9 sp/so
8w9 so/sx
8w9 so/sp
type 9 9w8 9w8 sx/sp type 9 lvl
9w8 sx/so
9w8 sp/sx
9w8 sp/so
9w8 so/sx
9w8 so/sp
9w1 9w1 sx/sp
9w1 sx/so
9w1 sp/sx
9w1 sp/so
9w1 so/sx
9w1 so/sp
type 1 1w9 1w9 sx/sp type 1 lvl
1w9 sx/so
1w9 sp/sx
1w9 sp/so
1w9 so/sx
1w9 so/sp
1w2 1w2 sx/sp
1w2 sx/so
1w2 sp/sx
1w2 sp/so
1w2 so/sx
1w2 so/sp


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