Enneagram Basic Content

Enneagram is kind of map for human prototype screening. In Enneagram basic, this part show you that basic theory of Enneagram which are written by Don Riso and Russ Hudson who are the authorities in Enneagram.

The core basic of Enneagram could be learned with below words. Most Enneagram theories and books rarely escape below concepts.

  • Triads
  • 9 Types
  • wings
  • subtypes
  • level of developments
  • integration/disintegration
  • original sins
  • other contents(Karen Horney ..)
Enneagram Basic Figure
Enneagram Basic Figure

The contents of basic parts are based on Personality Types by Riso/Hudson. In that book, there are some kinds of classification such as Triads which classify human into 3, 9 types which classify human into 9, Wings which classify human into 18 and Subtypes which classify human into 3.

Most insist of that book consists of level of developments which classify 9 types into 9 levels.

Two co-writers’ contents are steady seller in Enneagram over 20 years, which means those theories are verified from public for long times. Thus it’s really helpful to learn basic concepts of Enneagram to read this book.